Our basement team is comprised of our designers, installers, licensed staff and a personal project supervisor. All members of the team are trained to follow proper building codes, proper construction methods, and to consider the unique factors that may apply to your project.

We know that the most important and fundamental step in any basement renovation is to ensure that the basic external construction of your below grade area is structurally sound, dry and totally moisture free. We will carefully examine the bare bones of your below grade space to decide all your basement problems before any type of finishing is installed. Our basement conversions are designed to last a lifetime. We can waterproof, repair foundations, replace wet, reinforce cracked walls, soggy or moldy insulation, encapsulate crawl spaces, rewire or replace wet or inadequate electrical cables and fittings, service or replace your sump pump, and correct other leak problems.

Increase the living space in your home to spend time with your Love one, entertain, and acquire the storage space you’ve craved.

We’ll take into consideration all the elements that you wish to incorporate into this valuable space and use our design expertise to help you to see the options that you may have not thought were possible. From here, this all comes complete with a detailed and accurate nine page itemized quotation. We look forward to assisting you in designing and building your future additional living space.







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